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Please click on the player above to listen to the station, or download the TuneIn smartphone app and search for "RFJT." We have thousands of songs in 24/7 general rotation as well as the shows listed in the schedule below. And don't forget to check our calendar for the latest events at the Listening Lounge!

The new weekend schedule begins...

Friday 4-5PM     Trust Everyone Under Thirty
Friday 5-6PM     Tiki Time
Friday 8-9PM     Down The Memory Hole
Friday 9-10PM     Indie Lion
Friday 10-11PM     Mojave Kitchen Dance Diary
Friday 11-12AM     Kitten Time

Saturday midnite-1AM    In The Pit
Saturday 1-6AM     Overnight Trip

Saturday 10-11AM     Saturday Morning Kids Show
Saturday noon-1PM     Down The Memory Hole (replay)
Saturday 2-3PM     Two Fingers
Saturday 3-330PM     Myth In The Mojave
Saturday 4-5PM     Other Desert Stories
Saturday 5-6PM     American Parlor Songbook
Saturday 6-7PM     New Wave Dave
Saturday 7-8PM     Eccentric Circles
Saturday 8-9PM     The Desert Islanders
Saturday 9-10PM     Indie Lion (replay)
Saturday 10-11PM     Mojave Kitchen Dance Diary (replay)
Saturday 11-12AM     The Witching Hour

Sunday midnite-1AM    Kitten Time (replay)
Sunday 1-6AM     Overnight Trip

Sunday 10-11AM     Other Desert Stories (replay)
Sunday 11-12AM     Tongue In Groove
Sunday noon-1PM     Myth In The Mojave (replay)
Sunday 1-2PM     Casa De Cultura
Sunday 2-230PM     Sound Medicine
Sunday 3-4PM     Tiki Time (replay)
Sunday 4-5PM     American Parlor Songbook (replay)
Sunday 5-7PM     Sunday Evening Variety Show
Sunday 8-10PM     Sunday Evening Variety Show (replay)
Sunday 11pm-12AM     In The Pit (replay)

Weekly replays of weekend shows

Mon midnite-1AM    The Midnight Smiles
Mon 8-9AM     Other Desert Stories   (replay)
Mon 9-10AM     MITM   (replay)
Mon 10-11AM     Trust EUT   (replay)
Mon 11AM-noon     New Wave Dave   (replay)
Mon noon-2PM     Sunday Evening Variety Show    (replay)
Mon 2-3PM     Eccentric Circles   (replay)
Mon 3-4PM     Down the Memory Hole   (replay)
Mon 5-6PM     Casa De Cultura   (replay)
Mon 6-7PM     Desert Islanders   (replay)
Mon 7-8PM     Mojave Kitchen Dance Diaries   (replay)
Mon 8-9PM     Two Fingers   (replay)
Mon 9-10PM     In the Pit   (replay)
Mon 10-11PM     Witching Hour   (replay)
Mon 11pm-12AM     Kitten Time   (replay)

Tues midnite-1AM    The Midnight Smiles
Tues noon-1PM     Tiki Time   (replay)
Tues 2-3PM     Indie Lion   (replay)
Tues 3-4PM     Trust Everyone   (replay)
Tues 4-5PM     Other Desert Stories   (replay)
Tues 5-6PM     MITM   (replay)
Tues 6-7PM     Down the Memory Hole   (replay)
Tues 7-8PM     Eccentric Circles   (replay)
Tues 8-9PM     New Wave Dave   (replay)
Tues 9-10PM     Tongue in Groove   (replay)
Tues 10-11PM     Sound Medicine   (replay)
Tues 11-12AM     Witching Hour   (replay)

Wed midnite-1AM    The Midnight Smiles
Wed 8-9AM     MITM   (replay)
Wed 9-10AM     Other Desert Stories   (replay)
Wed 10-11AM     Kitten Time   (replay)
Wed 11AM-noon     Sound Medicine   (replay)
Wed 1-2PM     Tiki Time   (replay)
Wed 2-3PM     Desert Islanders   (replay)
Wed 3-4PM     Indie Lion   (replay)
Wed 5-6PM     Tongue in Groove   (replay)
Wed 6-8PM     Sunday Evening Variety Show   (replay)
Wed 8-9PM     Casa De Cultura   (replay)
Wed 9-10PM     Mojave Kitchen Dance Diaries   (replay)
Wed 10-11PM     In the Pit   (replay)

Thurs midnite-1AM    The Midnight Smiles
Thurs 10-11AM     American Parlor Songbook   (replay)
Thurs 11AM-noon     Indie Lion   (replay)
Thurs noon-1PM     Down the Memory Hole   (replay)
Thurs 1-2PM     Eccentric Circles   (replay)
Thurs 2-3PM     Tongue in Groove   (replay)
Thurs 3-4PM     New Wave Dave   (replay)
Thurs 4-5PM     MITM   (replay)
Thurs 5-6PM     Other Desert Stories   (replay)
Thurs 6-7PM     Tiki Time   (replay)
Thurs 7-8PM     Two Fingers   (replay)
Thurs 8-10PM     Sunday Evening Variety Show   (replay)
Thurs 10-11PM     Kitten Time   (replay)
Thurs 11pm-12AM     Witching Hour   (replay)

Fri midnite-1AM    The Midnight Smiles
Fri 10-11AM     Desert islanders   (replay)
Fri 11AM-noon     Casa De Cultura   (replay)
Fri 1-2PM     American Parlor Songbook   (replay)
Fri 3-4PM     Mojave Kitchen Dance Diaries   (replay)

And then the new weekend schedule begins again! Repeat as necessary...

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